Home Staging Tips: Making Your Small Space Seem Bigger

One of the elements buyers look for most when looking for a home is space. Buyers look for spacious, breathable homes with room to accommodate their families and possessions.

Make your small space appear bigger in your upcoming showings with the following tips:

Let the sunshine in

Well-lit rooms look larger than their dark and drab counterparts. Open the windows and let in the sunshine to give your smaller spaces a boost. Natural light gives your space a light and airy feel. Avoid curtains made of heavy materials and focus on lightweight, breezy fabrics that let in more light. If your space has no window access, use artificial lighting to open up your space.

Use the power of reflection

Like light, mirrors work to make rooms look larger. Mirrors reflect your small space and your room’s light, creating a space-boosting effect. Hang a large framed mirror on your wall to trick the eye into seeing more space. Use mirrors and other reflective surfaces to create depth in your room. Mirrors are both a fashionable décor choice and a way to make your space seem bigger!

Tidy up

Nothing makes a small space feel more unwelcoming and uncomfortable than having too much stuff packed in. Make organization and cleanliness a priority when it comes to your smaller spaces. Keep only a modest amount of items in your small rooms, and try not to overcrowd the room with too much artwork. Instead, create a focal point in the space that draws the eye and creates the illusion of more space.

Go vertical

Emphasize the vertical space in your small rooms to make them appear larger. Find elements to draw the eyes upwards like shelves, long paintings, or fun lighting hanging from the ceiling. Use the vertical space in a room to make the space feel taller and thus more open.

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